Course Outline 

Unit 1 - First Steps with Linux
  • Overview of the Linux Desktop
  • Use the GNOME Desktop Environment
  • Access the Command Line Interface from the Desktop
Unit 2 - Locate and Use Help Resources 
  • Access and Use man Pages
  • Use info Pages
  • Access release Notes and White Papers
  • Use GUI-Based Help
  • Find Help on the Web
Unit 3 - Manage Linux File System
  • Understand the File System Hierarchy Standard (FHS)
  • Identify File Types in the Linux System
  • Change Directories and List Directory Contents
  • Create and View Files
  • Work with Files and Directories
  • Find Files on Linux
  • Search File Content
Unit 4 - Work with the Linux Shell and CLI 
  • Get to Know the Command Shells
  • Understand the Multiuser Environment
  • Execute Commands at the Command Line
  • Get to Know Common Command Line Tasks
  • Understand Command Syntax and Special Characters
  • Use Piping and Redirection