Course Outline 

Unit 1 - Controlling services and daemons
 Controlling services with systemctl, controlling the boot process

Unit 2 - Managing ipv6 networking 
Ipv6 networking concepts & configurations.

Unit 3 - Configuring link aggregation and bridging
Configuring network teaming 

Unit 4 - Network port security 
Managing firwalld, rich rules, masquerading and port forwarding, managing SELinux port labeling 

Unit 5 - Managing DNS for servers 
DNS concepts, configuring a caching nameserver, DNS troubleshooting. 

Unit 6 - Configuring email transmission 
Configuring send-only Email service 

Unit 7 - Providing remote block storage
ISCSI concepts, providing ISCSI targets, accessing ISCSI storage 

Unit 8 - Providing file based storage 

Exporting NFS file systems, providing SMB file shares, performing a multi user SMB mount. 

Unit 9 - Configuring MariaDB database 
Installing MariaDB, working with MariaDB databases, creating and restoring MariaDB backups.

Unit 10 - Providing apache HTTPD web service 
Configuring Apache HTTPD, configuring and troubleshooting VirtualHost, Configuring HTTPS, Integrating dynamic web content

Unit 11 - Writing bash scripts
Bash shell scripting basics

Unit 12 - Bash conditional and control structures 
Enhancing bash shell scripts with conditional and control structures.

Unit 13 - Configuring the shell environment
Changing the shell environment.

Unit 14 - Linux containers and docker
Introduction to linux containers, using Docker.