Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) is designed for IT professionals who are new to Linux and require core Red Hat Enterprise Linux skills. Focused on administration tasks that will be encountered in the workplace, this course will actively engage students in task-focused activities, lab-based knowledge checks, and facilitative discussions to ensure maximum skill transfer and retention. In addition, GUI-based tools will be featured to build on the students' existing technical knowledge, while key command line concepts will be introduced to provide a foundation for students planning to become full-time Linux system administrators. By the end of the day course, students will be able to perform installation, establish network connectivity, manage physical storage, and perform basic security administration.

  •  Microsoft Windows system administrators who need to quickly learn core Red Hat Enterprise Linux proficiencies
  •  System administrators, network administrators, and other IT professionals who require proficiency performing core tasks in Linux
  •  Non-Linux IT professionals on the path to becoming full-time Linux system administrators
  •   Previous operating system administration experience is helpful but not required
Course Content
  •  Graphical installation of Linux
  •   Managing physical storage
  •   Introduction to the command line
  •   Learning how to install and configure local components and services
  •   Establishing network and securing network services
  •  Managing and securing files
  •  Administrating users and groups
  •  Deploying file sharing services
Recommended Next Course

Red Hat System Administration II with RHCSA Exam (RH135) 

Building on command line skills for Linux administrators

Red Hat System Administration II (RH134) is designed for IT professionals working to become full-time enterprise Linux system administrators. The course is a follow-up to System Administration I and continues to utilize today's best-of-breed, contemporary teaching methodology. Students will be actively engaged in task-focused activities, lab-based knowledge checks, and facilitative discussions to ensure maximum skills transfer and retention. Building on the foundation of command line skills covered in System Administration I, students will dive deeper into Red Hat Enterprise Linux to broaden their "tool kits" of administration skills. By the end of the day course, students will be able to administer and troubleshoot file systems and partitioning, logical volume management, access control, package management. Students who attend Red Hat System Administration I & II will be fully prepared to take the Red Hat Certified System Administration (RHCSA) exam. 


  •  IT professionals who have attended Red Hat System Administration I and want the skills to be full-time enterprise Linux administrators and/or earn RHCSA certifications
  •  Red Hat System Administration I
  •  Confirmation of the correct skill set knowledge can be obtained by passing the online pre-assessment quiz at
Course Content
  •  Network configuration and troubleshooting
  •  Managing file systems and logical volumes
  •  Controlling user and file access
  •  Installing and managing services and processes
  •  Essential command line operations
  •  Troubleshooting
Recommended Next Course(s) and Exams  
  •  Red Hat System Administration III with RHCE Exam (RH255)
  •  Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RH318), RHCVA Exam (EX318)
  •  Red Hat Openstack Administartion(CL210),Openstac Exam(EX210)
About Classroom Training
Mist instructor-lead classroom courses follow the same best-of-breed training methodology as all Mist branded training. Depending on the course, instructors are  Red Hat Certified Professionals. Topics are introduced in terms of real-world use case, which student then work through using a combination of guided lecture and hands-on lab work.

RHCSA Certification

To earn RHCSA credential, candidates must demonstrate the skills required to be a successful Linux administrator through a hands-on, half-day exam (EX200).

An RHCSA certification is required in order to earn Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE).


  •  Experienced Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administrators seeking validation of their skills
  •  Students who have attended Red Hat System Administration I and II and are on the path to earn RHCSA certification
  •  Experienced Linux system administrators who require a certification either by their organization, or based on a mandate.
  •  IT professionals who are on the path to earn an RHCE
  •  RHCEs who are non-current or who are about to become non-current and wish to re-certify as RHCE

Exam Overview

The RHCSA certification exam consists of one half-day session. The exam is performance-based, meaning that candidates must perform tasks on a live system, rather than answering multiple choice questions. 

The RHCSA exam objectives provides authoritative guidance on the knowledge and skills candidates will need to demonstrate in the RHCSA exam. It also provides more specific information on the exam format and coverage. All candidates are urged to use this information to evaluate their readiness for the exam. 

Candidates will be emailed exam results within three US business days following the exam.

Recommended Preparation

Mist offers clear training paths for candidates to learn the required skills.

Red Hat training courses provide hands-on labs and task-focused activities balanced with facilitated discussion to help course participants build essential skills quickly and effectively. Candidates are advised that real-world system administration experience is also an important aspect of preparation for the exam.